About Us & Our Team

Evolving Investment Management Services Since 2004

The Implemented Portfolios service evolved from an established financial advisory business. The development of an in-house portfolio service in 2004 aimed to better meet the needs of their clients, as well as to solve many of the frustrations and inefficiencies inherent in running a traditional financial planning & investment management business model. Over time, the service evolved to a point where it attracted the attention of independently minded Financial Advisers.

Implemented Portfolios Limited was established as a stand-alone Managed Account specialist service for financial advisers in June 2010. The business has experienced strong growth and interest from financial planners who are looking to partner with a Managed Account specialist to efficiently deliver their clients a high quality, engaging and individualised investment experience that they can control.

Our Team

Portfolio Management Team

The Asset Allocation and Investment Committee (AAIC) is comprised of members who have extensive experience and proven track records in the financial services industry. The AAIC is supported by a team of Portfolio Managers who are responsible for the day to day management of the portfolios.

The AAIC is responsible for:

  • Setting the broad strategic parameters for each of the Investment Programs
  • Reviewing economic conditions and developing long term forecast asset class returns
  • Setting target active allocations for each asset class relative to the neutral allocation for each Investment Program
  • Setting target implementation time frames in which to reach the target asset allocations
  • Communicating decisions and the supporting rationale to Advisers
  • Preparing written commentaries and presenting at client seminars

The Portfolio Managers are responsible for:

  • Rebalancing & remodelling
  • Day to day trading
  • Adviser support

Jon Reilly

Asset Allocation & Investment Committee (AAIC) & Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

Tim Farrelly

Asset Allocation & Investment Committee (AAIC)

Jonathan Pain

Asset Allocation & Investment Committee (AAIC)

Paul Dortkamp

Asset Allocation & Investment Committee (AAIC)

Dean Roberts

Senior Portfolio Manager

Chris Smith

Head of Investment Services

Management Team

Greg Kirk

Executive Chairman

Santi Burridge

Chief Executive - Corporate Development

Katie Gill

Chief Operating Officer

Non-Executive Board Members

John Platt

Deputy Chairman

Simon Strode