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The Locked Down Adviser – Jenny Pearse & Naomi Christopher

Marketing Open Mic

Marketing is a subject that attracts a great deal of questions in our industry, and in the wake of COVID-19, we’ve seen further evidence of this, according to marketing expert Jenny Pearse and our own National Manager, marketing and communications – Naomi Christopher.

The two have been receiving numerous queries about how advisers can form, stick and iterate their marketing strategies – not just in relation to this pandemic but in general too.

Considering the current environment, both Jenny and Naomi thought it would be useful to run through a few tips that would help advisers either get started, stay on track or pivot painlessly when it comes to their marketing during this time of mayhem.

Naomi advised that tone and empathy were of utmost importance during this period, and your content should reflect this. This might mean altering your strategy to curate or create educational and helpful content that alleviates financial anxiety and puts you in a position of “helpful guide”. Or alternatively, it could mean identifying that the focus/goals of your clients and potential clients have likely momentarily changed from “travel and wealth” to “family and health” and moderating your content accordingly.

Jenny stressed the importance of identifying your ideal client “avatars” (beyond just a demographic or age group) and ensure that your messaging is speaking specifically to them. She added that certain digital platforms and delivery will be favorable to different avatars and identifying precisely who you want to speak to will help you determine how and where to deliver your content.

On the subject of “sticking with it” Jenny also advised that she encourages the clients she works with to put aside time in their diary each week to implement their strategy, and that half the battle is making working on your marketing, a regular and essential part of your routine.

Naomi added that for time poor advisers, even 10 minutes a day could make a positive difference to their professional social media presence and although you may not see an instant ROI on your efforts, that it’s important to remember digital marketing is about the long game. Building brand awareness and gaining trust online isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. And it’s a race worth running – especially during times such as these when the only content you may have with your clients is digital.

To delve deeper into some of Jenny and Naomi’s valuable insights and hear their answers to all of the questions they received, click here to view the full webinar recording.

About Jenny

Jenny is Managing Director of Jenesis – a business and marketing consultancy she founded in 2006. For the past 14 years, Jenny has been helping financial services organisations, financial advisers, business owners and their teams to succeed and flourish in a rapidly changing landscape.

With a keen focus on digital media and using technology as a platform to engage, Jenny has helped transform businesses all over Australia as they adapt and thrive in today’s digital world.

To have a more detailed chat with Jenny about your marketing strategy, click HERE to book a one on one digital consult over coffee with her.

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