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The Locked Down Adviser – Jim Stackpool

By April 16, 2020 No Comments

Caring for clients during Calamity – The time is NOW

“My objective is the development and acceptance of a professional, unconflicted and valued standard for financial advice that helps to significantly improve the financial lives for the majority of Australians.” 

This quote from The Certainty Advice Group website, kicked off last Thursday’s webinar and the theme of these words shaped much the conversation during our session with Jim Stackpool for The Locked Down Adviser.

Jim’s war cry during the webinar was that advisers now need to ‘advise like they have never advised before’ and understandably so.

The current environment has propelled us into a new era of advice, one where clients need guidance – perhaps now more than they ever have.

The way that we care for clients during this crisis may well be a watershed moment for the advice industry, one where the value of sound financial advice will truly be recognised.

Jim stated that advisers have a unique opportunity at the moment, not just to reassure but to reconnect with Australians.


He said that if you’re merely reassuring your clients – educating them on market movements, then you may be missing the more complex things bubbling under the surface. He encouraged those tuning in to go beyond just their capabilities as an “expert” (whether that be as an investments adviser, tax adviser, cashflow adviser etc) and look to provide more enduring or profound value, by having deeper re-connection conversations.

Jim stated that “we learned the lesson of reassurance during the GFC but the time is NOW for re-connection.”

What does your client now seem to find valuable?
What is now of significance to them?
What is now the new complexity in their lives?
What is now fundamental to them?
What do they now aspire to?

The urgency and timeliness in Jim’s message could not be missed.

For the full session and to delve deeper into some of Jim’s insights on how to care for clients during calamity, click here to view the full webinar recording.

About Jim 

Jim is the founder of Certainty Advice Group. He consults and trains financial advisers and their firms. He founded Strategic Consulting & Training in 1993 after three years lecturing and consulting with the Financial Management Research Centre at the University of New England in Armidale, NSW Australia.

In 2015, he renamed his firm to Certainty Advice Group to reflect the new focus as a non product-based no-licensed advisory group.

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