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The Locked Down Adviser – Sue Viskovic

Keeping Calm and Carrying On – even when its isn’t business as usual 

The challenges you may have had in your businesses prior to COVID-19 have likely not gone away in the midst of this pandemic. In fact, if there were any gaps in your processes (particularly in your back office or technology) that existed pre-corona, they are probably really obvious right now.

That’s why the overarching theme of The Locked Down Adviser Session with Sue Viskovic, was a prudent reminder to stay focused on your business goals and the longer-term picture.

The recent global events have created chaos in the lives and businesses of people far and wide and the advice industry has in no way been immune. Not only have we transformed into remote businesses over a matter of weeks, but many advisers have been inundated with clients who are reaching out for guidance in what can only be described as a period of economic turmoil and uncertainty.

Sue mentioned, that although most advisers she has spoken with haven’t lost many clients as a result of the turmoil, they are working harder than ever, and many are about to lose revenue as the switch is flicked on grandfathered commissions. The entire structure of how advisers service their clients and build their businesses is changing rapidly, and many are needing to reassess their business plans. That’s why she believes it’s just as important than ever to make sure you put aside time to work ON your business.

Like most things however, the ‘what’ is always more simple than the how, so it was incredibly valuable to have Sue as our guest to discuss a few of the ways business owners can keep calm and carry on – even when it isn’t business as usual.

Sue introduced an equation used by her consulting firm Elixir when working with clients to help them gain long term business clarity and success  –


PURPOSE – Get clear on what you are trying to build in your business (and why)
PEOPLE (both internally and externally) – Who are you trying to serve and how are you serving them?
PROCESS – The processes you use to do that, from how you charge to how you welcome a new client and deliver services to your existing clients.
A smart and simple way of aligning you, your team members and your business with your long-term business goals and the initiatives you will use to achieve them.

For more of Sue’s pearls of wisdom, and to delve deeper into some of Sue’s valuable insights, click here to view the full webinar recording.

About Sue

Sue Viskovic is a proud mother of four; the founder of national consulting business Elixir Consulting; a popular speaker; a business coach; and author of a number of books, research reports and programs designed for advisers.

An award-winning advocate for financial advice and small business,  Sue and her team specialise in helping advisers to improve their businesses with a firm focus on delivering better outcomes for their clients.

As an independent Consultant to the financial advice sector, Sue is highly sought-after for her depth of knowledge, her strategic thinking, and her ability to inspire others with her passion for improving the profession of advice.

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