Implemented Portfolios is an Australian investment manager that specialises in tailored individual investment solutions built in conjunction with your adviser

Implemented Portfolios offers management of a personalised portfolio of your investments – carefully constructed to meet your personal needs. Each client’s portfolio is managed by a team of investment professionals who monitor market conditions and work with your adviser to determine how to best allocate your money across different asset classes.

Your portfolio is held under a structure known as an Individually Managed Accounts which offers you individual benefits that cannot be obtained under a managed fund. The service is offered to you by your financial adviser in partnership with Implemented Portfolios Limited – a leading Australian investment management business.

[ultimate_modal modal_on=”custom-selector” modal_on_selector=”.what-is-popup” modal_size=”medium” modal_style=”overlay-fade”]Individually Managed Accounts (IMAs) are the pinnacle of service based investment solutions in Australia. They incorporate the best parts of SMAs while delivering full control to the adviser and client.

They are structured to allow you to remodel every client daily taking into account preferences you or the client may have at every level. You can create tax rules at a business or client level, include or exclude any assets unlisted or listed including assets held on most foreign exchanges.

Instead of sending your clients funds to a platform and 100% of the funds being invested, uniquely, IMAs provide you and the client the ability to choose your implementation time-frame, be it one day or one year.

Remodeling happens at the client level to ensure every client receives a bespoke outcome taking into account where they are at in their implementation journey.

Beneficial ownership allows for Individual tax position optimisation and outcomes for each client.  There are also numerous benefits to IMAs vs Managed funds – learn more about these benefits or read some related articles: Lack of control in SMAs breeds client panicIMAs have the edge in Managed Accounts.

In comparison to a managed fund, all assets are beneficially held in the investor’s name, so at any time the investor can simply transfer the assets to another HIN.[/ultimate_modal]

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The Implemented Portfolios’ approach

Each and every client is unique and our service is designed for individuality.

  • We work with your adviser and within their existing systems
  • Asset allocation managed to maximise market opportunities and minimise risk
  • Higher after-tax return as investors’ tax positions are managed at an individual investor level
  • Pro-active, transparent and relevant communications and reporting
  • Cost-effective implementation via an Individually Managed Account
Professionally Managed Individualized Portfolios

How Implemented Portfolios Works

Your own team of professional and experienced investment managers

The investment programs offered by Implemented Portfolios are run by an expert Asset Allocation and Investment Committee which comprises senior industry experts:

  • Jon Reilly, Chief Investment Officer with extensive experience in managing IMA services.
  • Tim Farelly, Pre-eminent provider of asset allocation advice to investment managers.
  • Jonathan Pain, Macro economist and principal of “The Pain Report”.
  • Paul Dortkamp, Leading specialist in investment process and compliance.
  • View our entire investment management team

Together with your adviser, Implemented Portfolios constructs and manages your investment portfolio based on a long-term view of asset classes – Australian equities, international equities, income securities, property and cash.

Working in partnership with your adviser

  • Identify your investment goals – If you haven’t already done so, your adviser will work with you to define your financial goals. You will then be issued with a Statement of Advice which sets out your objectives and investment strategy.
  • Choose the right investment program – Your adviser will recommend the appropriate investment program from the different options offered by Implemented Portfolios. These investment programs suit different investment objectives and risk tolerances
  • Adjust the portfolio – Your adviser will work in partnership with Implemented Portfolios to tailor the investment program to your individual needs and preferences.
  • Invest and grow – Implemented Portfolios will then invest your money according to the agreed plan.  They will monitor your portfolio on an ongoing basis and make adjustments as needed.
  • Monitor your portfolio – At any time, you and your adviser can log onto a secure website to track your investment. You can also access regular portfolio commentaries and detailed reports.
  • Update and amend your portfolio – As your needs change over time, your adviser will consult with you to update your portfolio.

Adding Up The Benefits of An Implemented Portfolio

  •  Risk Management – Your portfolio is managed by investment experts in partnership with your financial adviser to build and protect your wealth. Implemented Portfolios is skilled in applying asset allocation to effectively meet your objectives.
  • Control – The assets in your portfolio are held individually rather than pooled with others in a unit trust or managed fund. This provides you with greater control over your investment outcomes.
  • Flexibility – Your portfolio can be adjusted to meet your specific needs such as accommodating other investments, specific requests or share transfers.
  • Tax efficiency – You only receive the income and capital gains or losses directly attributable to your investments. This enables you and your adviser to effectively manage your tax position.
  • Transparency – You have 24/7 access to your investment information via a secure website. This lets you monitor information such as holdings, transactions, fees and dividends.

Interested in taking your investments to a new level?

You can always call us on (02) 9164 9800 if you have any questions or learn more about how we invest

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Your individually managed account

An Individual Managed Account – or IMA – is an investment structure that enables investors to bring different types of assets together in one portfolio. Implemented Portfolios has chosen an IMA structure because it is highly effective for clients and offers these features:

  • Professional investment management
  • Tailoring to meet specific investor needs
  • Access to investment information
  • Managed at an individual client level to allow for individual timing and tax position management

Whilst IMAs have been available for some time, they have only been accessible to wealthy investors. Today they are more widely available as a result of advances in technology and increased demand.

The chart above is an example of Dynamic Asset Allocation being applied over time. Large asset allocation moves are implemented gradually, guided by long term asset class forecasts. Individual portfolio outcomes will vary, and this chart is intended to be for illustrative purposes only.

In conjunction with your adviser, Implemented Portfolios looks after each asset allocation for you as well as the underlying investments by tracking the performance of each asset class and determining how to best allocate your money

A dynamic asset allocation approach at work in a client portfolio

Your money is invested by allocating it across various asset classes such as Australian equities, international equities, income securities, property and cash. The different characteristics of each asset class can have a significant impact on the performance of your portfolio. Diversification is a strong factor in sensible investing, as specific asset classes generally perform differently as market conditions change. However having a diversified portfolio, together with carefully managed asset allocation, improves your opportunity to improve the performance of your investment.

Knowing which asset class to choose and how much to allocate can be difficult. It is also important to monitor the performance and outlook of each asset class and make adjustments to keep your portfolio on track, which is an additional dimension of investment management that few managers deliver.

Exchange Traded Funds

The primary asset type used by Implemented Portfolios is Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). At their simplest, ETFs are a collection of securities designed to track the performance of a specific index.

For example, you can buy shares in an ETF that tracks the performance of the S&P/ASX 50. There are also ASX-Listed ETFs that track international indices and sectors such as emerging markets, commodities and consumer staples.  The popularity of ETFs is growing rapidly as more investors recognise and can access their many advantages, including:

  • Liquidity – being bought and sold on the ASX like shares
  • Low cost – more cost-efficient than managed funds
  • Tax-effective – enabling investors to manage their own tax position
  • Diversification – providing diversified access to the stock market without the need for selecting individual stocks

Are you ready to be treated as an individual, not a number with a process that puts your interests first?